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Government contractors have unique and important jobs. They keep the country running by fulfilling vital roles in both the public and private sectors. However, this work comes with risks. Defense Base Act insurance coverage is one way to protect yourself and your business from potential financial losses in the event of an accident or injury while working overseas. Risk Reconnaissance is an experienced insurer with a military background that can provide you with the best Defense Base Act coverage available. In this article, we will outline some of the benefits of securing this form of insurance, as well as reasons why we are the most reliable, professional, and competent DBA insurance agency for your needs.

Why Seek Defense Base Act (DBA) Coverage?

You may have heard DBA insurance likened to Worker’s Compensation—and this is not too far off. However, the main distinction is that Worker’s Compensation insurance is required for domestic assignments, while DBA coverage is required for overseas jobs.

When you think about all the potential things that could go horribly wrong in a contracting job, it only makes sense to protect yourself and your crew with Worker’s Compensation insurance. However, once you plan to work for a government agency in a country outside the US, there is often more uncertainty, more logistical concerns, and even more room for things to go wrong. Here are some of the top reasons why you should get Defense Base Act coverage.

Safety of Your Personnel

How can you hope to successfully lead your crew to a mission’s completion if you are not placing their safety at the forefront? DBA insurance will cover medical rates, evacuation costs, and any other potentially life-saving expenses to ensure your employees and subcontractors are protected while they are working abroad. The better you are at taking care of your team, the more likely you will be to attract talent to your cause and acquire more job opportunities down the road—so think of DBA insurance as an investment in job security!

Success of Your Mission

Obviously, the personal safety of your crew is paramount—but how can they complete their tasks if they have fallen ill, become injured, or worse? DBA coverage offers you the resources you need in a pinch to make changes to take care of your crew and keep moving the mission forward. With less stress on the logistics of protecting your workers, you can focus on tactics and other more important aspects of the job you’ve been hired to do.

Reduce Risk and Liability

No one likes a hurt employee…and likewise, no one likes being sued. If you have DBA insurance, you are protected from liability in the event disaster strikes—which can become all the more crucial in areas of civil unrest or in physical labor jobs where the risks are generally higher. This will not only take significant stress off your plate but reduces the likelihood of litigious action—making for better crew cohesion and the likelihood of working with valuable sub-contractors and colleagues again.

Legal Requirements for Overseas Contract Work

Finally, to work as a private contractor for the United States government on an assignment overseas, you are legally required to secure DBA coverage before beginning your mission. While it is not optional coverage, you do have the right to choose what insurer you work with.

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Why Get Defense Base Act Coverage With Risk Reconnaissance?

After 9/11 with the birth of the military’s Operation Enduring Freedom, the world of insurance was facing a unique need for coverage. Government contractors needed insurance coverage in particularly dangerous, unstable countries like Iraq and Afghanistan—and most insurers did not know how to anticipate government contractors’ needs or even how to underwrite for them. Risk Reconnaissance came to be to fill this void and provide those serving our country with the resources and coverage to do so. But why Risk Reconnaissance?

Years of Experience with DBA Coverage

Whether you’re a first-time government contractor or a seasoned one, some of the logistics around DBA insurance can seem murky and unclear. Here at Risk Reconnaissance, we have decades of experience providing contractors with the coverage they need, with the industry knowledge to provide them with the best coverage at the lowest price. Our rate estimates are based on constantly updating information based on operations and payroll estimates and OCONUS locations.

Military Background

Risk Reconnaissance’s own Brian S. Smith, CIC, ARM has 14 years of military experience and the insider knowledge to help those working with our federal government get the right kind of coverage for their mission. Brian is also the Vice President and Partner of the Insurance Office of America, with a deep understanding of the world of insurance as well. We value our government contractors and have the industry knowledge to get you what you need to succeed!

Obtain an Accurate Quote Fast

Want a quick quote for Defense Base Act coverage so you have an idea of what your premium will look like? We offer same-day quotes based on the most current information available and would love to speak with you regarding the scope of your project. Click here to schedule a 10-minute phone call with veteran and insurance expert Brian S. Smith!

Superior Customer Service and Competitive Rates

With military veterans on staff, we value those who serve our country. It is our pleasure to work for you in finding the best coverage for your overseas contract work, and we take pride in finding our clients the best possible rates. We are rooting for your safe return home with your team after carrying out a successful mission and we aspire to make that mission as smooth and safe as possible.

Want to speak to an experienced professional at Risk Reconnaissance who can de-mystify DBA coverage for you? Contact us today, or schedule a phone consultation here!