DBA Insurance Agent
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Professional Liability

(Errors & Omissions)

Government contractors are required to carry three types of insurance in order to be contractually compliant. General Liability, Automobile Liability, and Workers Compensation or DBA insurance. Professional liability is available, but oftentimes passed by when considering a comprehensive insurance program.

Normally reserved for consideration if working with a Prime or commercial client, professional liability or Errors & Omissions as it is commonly referred to as, provides insurance protection against financial loss associated with a professional error. The resulting financial loss would not be covered under General Liability as it only provides coverage against bodily injury or property damage…not financial loss.

Professional liability will offset monetary damages resulting from poor work product(s) that cause financial loss to your client or customer.

For government contractors there are two instances in which professional liability may be needed.

When the Prime contractor requires it

If work is done with private enterprise in addition to government contracting.

As a result of professional liability not being contractually required, many government contractors decide against its placement. It is important however, to consider the coverage with a simple quote in order provide a reference point to future insurance and risk costs should it be required.