DBA Insurance Question

Defense Base Act Insurance IS Required For Foreign Nationals

Regardless of nationality, DBA Insurance is required for operations under a US Government contract outside of the United States.  There are three (3) classifications of which a work will fall under.

  1. US National
  2. Third Country National
  3. Local National

US Nationals fall into a variety of categories.  Each requiring US National status.  Those workers that are hired in the United States, are residents of the United States, or Citizens.

Third Country Nationals are those working under a US Government contract with a foreign citizenship status, not from the host country.

Local Nationals are those workers who reside in the host country and are citizens of that Nation.

Waived Status for DBA Insurance

Companies may apply for a waiver regarding the DBA Insurance requirement through the US Department of Labor.  If awarded a waiver, workers under the Third Country National and Local National status may be insured by a comparable insurance program provided by the country or territory.

US Nationals must be covered under the Defense Base Act regardless of a waiver.

Companies may elect to provide DBA Insurance if a waiver is in place and they choose to do so.

Does Nationality Affect Coverage Or Monetary Compensation?

Regardless of nationality, the benefits afforded by Defense Base Act insurance are the same.  Claims management processes may differ based on location, however the level of benefits does not change.