Defense Base Act Insurance Rates 2022

Rates for Defense Base Act Insurance or DBA Insurance have not increased year over year from 2021.  Due to an account by account underwriting process, rates have remained stable for the past several years.

Rates in non-conflict countries continue to remain low, while additional underwriting may be required by those countries seeing continued casualty losses due to military or governmental interaction.

Working abroad under a US Government Contract requires Defense Base Act Insurance

DBA Insurance Rates for Unique Occupations

Some of the most highly rated occupations continue to be aircraft pilots, divers, and security personnel (armed).  Key to detailing these operations on the Defense Base Act Insurance application is a clear statement of work that has been developed specific to those tasks responsible by the client.  If operations are listed on the provided Statement of Work (SOW) from the KO, ensure that only those being attributed to your company are detailed on the DBA application.

DBA Insurance Costs For Companies With Losses (Claims)

One of the most common reasons Defense Base Act Insurance premiums may seem high stems from the loss history of the company seeking coverage or coverage renewal.  Keeping costs to a minimum is critical to a controlled claims history.  If claims have been suffered by your company, the rates for coverage will reflect that loss history.  With active measures taking place regarding safety, reporting of incidents, training, and claims management practices, these premium increases may be offset.

Obtaining Defense Base Act Insurance is easier than you may think

DBA Insurance can be easily obtained from your government contracting insurance broker.  Insurance companies frequently used to obtain quotes include, but are not limited to Allied World Assurance Company, AIG, Chubb (ACE), Zurich, and Starr.  By simply completing a short application, quotes can be obtained in as soon as 24 hours.

For assistance in seeking your next DBA insurance quote, contact Brian Smith with the Insurance Office of America at or by phone (404) 918-4775.

Brian Smith is Vice President/Partner with the Insurance Office of America.  He can be reached at (404) 918-4775 or via email at for additional information.